How Nasty Is Your Keyboard? + 5 Things I Do To Keep Mine Clean

I was sent an email this morning about an infographic from Quill and definitely wanted to share it with my fabulous readers here at The Palmetto Queen. I'm a stickler for keeping my computer clean, but there is a reason for it. When I was in high school, we did a biology experiment where we all used a swab and took samples from different areas of the school. I swabbed the keyboard in the music room, which I touched on a daily basis. Well, it was the germiest place that was sampled. Since then, I have been kind of obsessed with keeping things that are touched like that clean- which translates to keeping my computer keyboard clean.

Here is the infographic and after, I will share 5 things I do to keep my keyboard clean.

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Dirty Work: How Nasty is Your Keyboard?

5 Things I Do To Keep My Keyboard Clean

1. I keep antibacterial wipes formulated for electronics handy (this is great for paranormal investigations and events too- I just wipe equipment down before packing them up and I'm good to go)

2. I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by- I can use it before I sit down to work and also after I've been working and I'm going to do something for the kids or cook. 

3. I keep a keyboard cover on my laptop- I can easily take it off, clean it, let it dry, and put it back. 

4. I use a kidlid. It keeps my kids from getting their germs all over my laptop while they are watching a movie- because kids equal germs. haha

5. If someone in my house is sick, I am constantly using wipes and lysol on my computer. 

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