Christmas Traditions, Sugar Cookies, and Domino Sugar

Disclaimer: I have not been asked or compensated to write this post. It is simply a cool resource I wanted to share with y'all!

I have always wished I could bake cookies. I love cookies, but never successfully make pretty cookies. Well, the Christmas Tbomb turned two, I decided I was going to learn, no matter how long it took. Since then, we have made and decorated Christmas cookies together. No matter what they look like, we take them to the family Christmas Eve breakfast. I think the family has come to look forward to them.

This year, I was looking for a new recipe and wanted to change things up again, but wasn't sure how to proceed. My Mother-In-Law come to my rescue. She had been reading Southern Living, as we all do, and came across an ad she saved for me, along with some cookie baking tips.

The ad directed me to this Domino Sugar website, and includes a recipe, tips, and cookie templates for these snowman cookies. It all comes in a pretty downloadable PDF all ready to go. I'm ecstatic to try these this year, and wanted to share with you all.

Happy Cookie Baking!

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