Bouncy Bands: A Lifesaver In My Homeschool

Disclaimer: I received a sample to try out. All opinions are my own.

Picture this: Sitting at the table with books, papers, crayons, and pencils spread all about. A 5 year old and a 2 year old sitting at opposite chairs with mom in the middle. After about 30 minutes of lessons, it turns into a zoo The kids get restless and so does mom! Imagine being able to add one thing to the homeschool area that will diminish all of that. This is not a fairy tale. Bouncy Bands to the rescue!

I posted to press release a bit back, and have been honored to try these bands out in my homeschool and even give one set to a child with major SPD issues. These have really helped both children, even my Tbomb with some mild SPD tendencies. Allowing your child to wiggle and move will help them sta concentrating longer and absorb more because they are not focusing on not being allowed to move. This is especially true with a 5 year old.

Most kids are very active, but when you add in other situations, conditions, or stresses, you generally get really active kids. Even when they are sitting still, they are thinking about moving and cannot concentrate. Even adults are like this. I concentrate better if I am clicking a pen, although it gets on the nerves of those around me. I am certain that Bouncy Bands would even help most adults. 

Bouncy Bands

Bouncy bands can be added to chairs, desks, and other things. I actually tried it out by putting them on Tbomb's bed rails for when he needs some cool down time. It worked brilliantly. You can use them in any way that your family needs, or in the classroom. You can purchase Bouncy Bands for chairs or desks for less than $15, and it is well worth it. Replacement bands are even available. 

I kept the chair set for Tbomb since we do school at the kitchen talbe, and gave the desk set to a family friend. He needed something to help out, and I'm certain that Bouncy Bands will be the solution he and his teachers are looking for. Let the kids move and fidget, all the while keeping the class in order and not distracting the other kids. This is simply a brilliant product. 

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