Book Review: how Machines Work: Zoo Break!

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own

How Machines Work - primary image My Tbomb loves science of any kind. His favorite is of course the Solar System, but lately, he has been interested in how things work, especially when it turns out to be simple machines combined to make more complex machines. This book, How Machines Work: Zoo Break!, came at just the right time.

The author, David McCaulay, explains 6 simple machines in a fabulously creative way. The zoo animals use these machines to mastermind a zoo escape. In the process, he explains how these machines work, how they can be used, and the children realize the genius behind evens imple machines.

Tbomb loves this book. He loves that it is a pop-up/ movable book and he can experiment while traveling through their journey. I love that he is having fun, learning about something he loves, and learning how fun learning can be.

Follow the mad antics of Sloth and his side-kick Sengi as they try to break out of the zoo with the help of levers, pulleys, screws, inclined planes, wedges and wheels. Brought to life through pop-ups and pull-outs meaning you can explore six simple machines, from bicycles and cranes to hammers and drills, through interactive science. Packed with engaging, hands-on activities, David Macaulay's How Machines Work will gear kids up for scientific and engineering greatness!
My plan is to work this book into our homeschool curriculum and by the end of the unit study, we will have built a robot using simple machines. I'm not sure how well it will work out, but I'm looking forward to it and will be sure to share as our journey continues.

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