5 Non-Candy Treats To Keep In Mind For The Holidays

We decided that this year we would actually allow the kids to trick-or-treat. Up until now, we've just dressed them up, watched movies, let them "trick or treat" at their great-grandparents- who live next door. We've made it a family tradition, but with Tbomb being 5 now and Kodabug 2, we decided to let them have a traditional Halloween. I had some anxiety, so the Mr's grandparents rode us around to people they have known for ages and family. We also visited a church and one of the local fire departments. They were super cute and really enjoyed the experience.

The only problem- my kids can't have sugar. Their great-grandparents and my mother surprised them Halloween morning with a ton of sugar-free candy and special Halloween Happy Meals (a tradition with their great-grandparents). We kept their favorites out of their treat bags- KitKats for Tbomb; and Hershey Bars and Reese Cups for Koda. The grown ups decided to enact the Trick-Or-Treat tax and left the rest for the Great Pumpkin. Next year we are going to participate in a Trunk or Treat and participate in the Teal Pumpkin project there.

This experience got me thinking about kids that can't have sugar, have allergies, and are on special diets. This has to be a difficult time of year for thos kids because there are treats everywhere. I want to share some ideas for non-candy treats. Keep these in mind for your next get-together, Christmas parties, and community events.

1. Crispy Green Fruit Crisps

*I did receive samples but I really do love this product and so do my kids.* 
These dried fruit slices are absolutely amazing! They taste great and my kids love them. They actually ask for them as a snack. The flavor is great, no added ingredients, and easy to eat on the go. Consider Crispy Green Fruit Crisps for your next get-together or party. What a great option for not only kids who cannot have sugar, but who have certain allergies and for events that the kids need to be calm for.

These have become a staple in our home and I will be using them at every party I throw from now on. In fact, I have even considered keeping a case on hand to take to parties. Because- let's be honest- if a parent doesn't have a child with special dietary needs, they probably will not think about this!

2. Stickers/ Temporary Tattoos

Depending on the purpose, this can be an awesome alternative to candy for kids. Most kids love stickers and temporary tattos. However, here are some tips. If you are including temporary tatttoos, be sure to have a wet sponge on hand for application and baby oil for removal (just in case). If you are including stickers, be sure to provide paper or encourage the kids to wait until they are home to use the stickers. 

3. Fun School Supplies

The holidays are a great time to find adorable and fun school supplies. The kids will love the fun factor and the parents will love that it is school suppplies. My kids will pick pencils and books over candy any day. 

4. Random Party Favors

Kids are so easily amused that the simplest toys can keep them entertained. You could get a large bag of general party favors (noise makers, bouncy balls, puzzles, etc) and give them to kids. They will love it and it is definitely non-food. 

5. Activity Books

Activity Books are definitely a favorite of mine to give out. It keeps thekids enterteained during and after the event. If I am sending them home, the parents are thankful because they have something to entertain the kids for a bit. This is something I always give kids that are going to have a long drive ahead of them. If it is a small group at an event, I'll tive them to all the kids. However, if it is a larger group, I have to either stick with stickers or get bulk packages of activity books, which are usually small. 

If I am just giving treats to a few kids, I like to get the all in one kits that include the activity book, crayons, stickers, and a pouch- of course I would include Fruit Crisps as well. 

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