Throw A Potty Training Party + #Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a kit to throw a party with. All opinions are my own. 

It is that time. Time to potty train Kodabug. Well, she's excited, but we wanted to do something fun to make this milestone excited, we did the same with Tbomb and she is our last one to potty train. We did just a small family thing and she flushed her Minnie Mouse party for the first time- oh how was she excited!

Have you thought about doing a potty party for your little one? Well, we've gathered some posts to help you make this milestone exciting for the toddler in your life. Knowing your child is ready, learning from those that have gone before you, and making it fun can add to the success of your potty training journey.

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8. The Potty Training Secret Weapon

To make things even more fun, Kandoo has created this potty party kit and some resources and printables to make your potty party even more fun and successful.

Download a potty training toolkit from Kandooo

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Isn't my super kid super cute?!

This awesome toolkit includes coloring sheets, charts, slap bracelet, Kandoo shirt, Super Kid cape, Kandoo flushable wipes, and Kandoo hand soap with BRIGHTFOAM® colors. I'm absolutely in love with the wipes, they clean so much better and the hand soap makes my kids love washing their hands. They beg to do it!

Don't you want to win one of these toolkits? 

Well, lucky for you, I have 8 of them to give away. To enter, just comment below and let me know what the biggest challenge for potty training is. (Don't forget to leave your email address! Good luck! 8 winners will be chosen October 16th. 

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