Southern Charm Sunday: Prepare For Unexpected Guests

Earlier in the year, a friend of ours lost her mom. She let us know that she may need to take off for a while and wanted to know if she could visit us for a few days if the need arose. Of course, she could stay with us. We got busy prepping the house for a guest. This got me thinking. What if we did this all the time and just kept the house ready for a guest- we never know when something may happen and someone needs an escape for a few days or an escape from a hurricane. Here are a few tips for keeping your home guest ready.

1. Set up a guest basket. This doesn't have to be a basket, it could just be a bin with a lid. Keep new toiletries, a guest towel and rag, and other items you think a guest may need.

2. Stock up on simple to cook breakfasts and other meals that are sure to impress. You can even purchase the Martha White muffin mixes. For an unexpected guest, it is okay to cook things like frozen lasagna it is easy, can be kept in the freezer, and allows you to spend time with your guest and not in the kitchen.

3. Keep your calendar organized and up to date. If you have an emergency guest, you can quickly see if you need to find them entertainment while you take care of something or if you need to reschedule an appointment.

4. We don't have a guest room and don't think guests want to sleep on kid beds, so we keep an air mattress and special set of sheets. We also keep sheets especially for someone sleeping on the couch (ours has recliners, not a pull out). Sometimes the guests get a grown up bed, but sometimes our guests get the couch or air mattress- it all depends on the situation.

5. Remember to be open and take it in stride. Your guests can feel your emotions, even if they don't realize it.

7. Keep extra snacks on hand. If you pick up just a few extra boxes of crackers, chips, and individual snacks. (It won't hurt to keep some kid items on hand).

8. We keep a couple of gift bags packed at all time. These are for last minute gifts (we keep a couple adult gifts and a couple kids gifts), but work great for "welcome to my home" gifts as well. I also have a couple of little travel packs to give kids before they head back home, especially if it is a long ride. Mom will thank you and the kids will be happy.

9. Let those people who are welcome to stay in your home know it. You are much less likely to get last minute phone calls regarding the stay. Even if they say: "Is it okay if I come sometime in June," that is better than nothing.

10. If at all possible, do not be a last minute guest. Do the same as you would expect from others.

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