Review: August International VGB200 Capture Card

Disclaimer: I recieved a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

I am continuously impressed with August International's products. All of their headphones I have tried have been amazing, even my husband (who is a total headphone snob) loves them. When I had the opportunity to try out a different kind of product, I was very excited.

When I had the opportunity to review their VGB200 video and audio capture card, I knew I had the perfect use for it. I use it to connect ir security cameras to my laptop on investigations. I can also use it to stream audio straight into the laptop for different situations. This has turned out to be the perfect solution. We are now a new team and we don't have the equipment at our disposal that a lot of teams do. Instead of having the whole DVR security setup , we just have cameras, so this capture card solved the problem.

You can also use this capture card to transfer filems from a camera to a DVD or computer, as long as it has the AV cables. You can use it to record matches on the XBox, and you can even use it to convert VHS to DVD. How awesome is that?! You can save files as MPEG1/2,AVI,WMV,ASF,MP4,QTMOV. Another really cool feature is that you can upload your files directly to YouTube.

The VGB200 has been exactly what I needed for investigations and I keep finding uses for it. I actually was able to save some videos of my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather that have passed. I played them on the camera they were filmed on, then plugged it into my computer and saved them as MP4 videos. How amazing is that?! Find more information and instructions here.

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