Grilling Time With Cave Tools

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

My family loves to grill. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen evidence of this, and even our new fire pit the Mr and his dad built. We are now able to grill more now and all they have to do is pick up sticks and logs that need to be cleaned out of the woods anyway. When Cave Tools reached out to me to review a product for the holidays, I knew which one I wanted my honey to try out. The kabob skewers rack.

When his new toy arrived, the Mr was beyond excited to get started, and was quite impressed with the quality and build of this Kabob Rack. The entire set up is Stainless Steel, keeping it from melting, rusting, and keeping the black from the fire from sticking around.

Although it is lightweight, it is very sturdy and will stand up to many grilling sessions. There are so many things you can cook Kabob style that it never gets old. My husband really liked the disk that go on the end of the skewers to keep the food from falling off. He also mentioned that the "handles" were very handy and must better than the loops on the end of other skewers.

I am a huge fan of Cave Tools already, after reviewing their meat claws, which work great for barbeque. So, I knew this would be a quality addition to our grilling items.

He loves this thing. We cook a lot of wild game and sometimes we don't want a lot of prep, so he'll chop some pieces of meat, I'll chop some veggies and my baby will cook us a yummy dinner, well, he was having to use a cast iron skillet, but now he just makes kabobs. We found another use for it as well. Neither of us wanted to cook after a lazy day, so we decided on quick hot dogs over the fire. Mr had an idea and dashed into the house to grab his new toy. Works great for hotdogs too!

Looking for something for the man in your life this Christmas? This is definitely a winner!

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