Adventure Time: Monocular Waterproof Telescope

Disclaimer: I recieved a product to review. All opinions are my own.

 As most of you know by now, my husband and  are avid bigfoot researchers. We have been featured in news clips, magazines, and now some of the evidence my husband helped capture has been called "the best audio evidence of Bigfoot ever captured." we love trying out new gear, so when I had the opportunity to try out this Ohuhu waterproof monocular telescoped, I jumped at it. I think the Mr was more excited than me, so I let him have the reigns on this one and he couldn't have been happier.

We have used binoculars in daytime expeditions before, but they just don't get the job done right. This was the perfect addition to his arsenal. He likes to sit in a treestand during the day and ust watch themovement in the woods, this helps him know the animal activity in the area, which helpsus to rule out sounds we hear at night and we can't see things. A couple of evenings ago, we were sitting in the edge of the treelinee behind our house and my husband decided to bring out htis telescope and see what kind of wildlife he could show Tbomb. We heard some movement and in no time, he spotted a wild boar. This excited him and Tbomb. That was so worth it!

At only $19.99 on Amazon, the features are amazing. Not only is it waterproof, but it comes with a tripod for more steady viewing. It has 12x magnification, which is awesome, an adjustable eyecup, can be used with or without glasses, and a great rubberized coating that is great at giving it a non-slip grip. Spending a lot of time in the swamp, the Mr is very happy with these fetures. It also comes with a carry case, cleaning cloth, and directions.

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