Review: Uqique Digital Voice Recorder (Voice Activated)

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

As I have posted before, I absolutely LOVE (seriously, LOVE) my mini Uqique Digital Voice Recorder. It is small and handy- I even velcroed it to my monopod. It is so simple to use, so I need to turn it on in a hurry, I can catch recordings quickly.

I recently got to try out a newer model, that I have to say is quite amazing in its own right. It has a clip added, as well as a voice activation feature. Let's just say that I was drooling when I first tried it out.

Like the previous model, you can record up to 16 hours on a single charge, and 96 hours without emptying the device, thanks to the 8 GB of memory. It takes less than an hour to charge.  To charge, just plug in the USB cord- you can also get your recordings off this way by turning it on. To listen, plug the headphones in and turn it on. To record, plug nothing on and turn it on. Cool, right?

The high definition sound, intelligent noise cut filtering, and voice amplification make the recordings truly remarkable.

To activate the voice-activated recording feature, it is super simple. Simply press in one of the volume buttons while you turn the device on. This will prevent the device from recording stretches of silence. Particularly handy if you are using it to record interviews. To use it without the voice-activation, just turn it on without holding in the volume button.

No matter your purpose in needing a digital voice recorder, this device is a handy option. Whether you are a paranormal investigator, bigfoot researcher, student, author, journalist, or any other purpose, it is a great option. At just $36.99 on Amazon, it fits any budget as well.

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