Press Release: Back to School: College Students Benefit Mentally & Physically From Mobile Apps

According to a study by Sallie Mae, about half of college students go away to college. Going away to college can be stressful for students, both mentally and physically – oftentimes, it's their first time going away from home for any extended period of time. According to a spring 2014 survey of 79,266 college students by the American College Health Association, about 14.3% of college students were diagnosed with or treated for anxiety problems during the past year, and 12% were diagnosed with or treated for depression. Anxiety and depression are the most common disorders, according to the survey.

And the notorious "freshmen 15"? Researchers at Auburn University in Alabama followed 131 students over four years of college and found that a whopping 70% of them packed on pounds by graduation (an average of 12, and up to 37 pounds). The overall percentage of students found to be overweight increased from 18% to 31%.

From maintaining a healthy weight, managing money, and keeping track of to-do lists while juggling academics and extra-curriculars is something many college student struggle with. Add the stress of a new environment away from home and students are affected both mentally and physically. Below are a few apps to aid students in staying healthy.

Evernote – From keeping notes during a lecture to jotting down to-do lists, Evernote helps keep life organized and alleviates stress.

FitClickFitClick offers its Talk-to-Track calorie counting app featuring a voice-activated calorie counting feature, making is easier to track each meal and therefore avoid the "freshmen 15". 

Acorns – Financial stability is important in leading a stress-free life. Targeting millennials who are looking to put their money to work, Acorns rounds up spare change and invests it in portfolios of users’ choosing 

Google Drive – Compatible with almost any file type, Google Drive is a top cloud storage service – ideal for last minute edits or working on-the-go. 

Clear – Clear helps keep you organized by setting important reminders and keeping lists. It can sort items by priority and aid in increasing productivity.

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