Poise IMPRESSA: On Growing Up and Bladder Leaks #TryImpressa + Coupon

So, something strange happened to me a few weeks ago. I sneezed and felt a wet sensation. Did I just wet my pants? Yes, I did. I had a bladder leak and I'm not pregnant and I have not recently had a baby. I discreetly took my booty to the bathroom, cleaned up, and changed. That would have been fine and dandy except for that it happened a couple more times that same week. I didn't know what to do and I was really down. I mean, I'm only 30. Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed.

My MIL could tell something was bothering me and asked me about it, so I explained what was going on. Hugging me, she told me it was completely natural. She explained to me that it is because of the trauma my body went trhough after my first c-section (I had major surger after, and a woundvac for 3 months). That there are ways to handle it, but it is nothing to worry about. She then went inside and came out with a ziploc bag, a few panty liners, and a hug. She said that was my new purse kit.

Well, I have a bigfoot expedition coming up and we always laugh so much when the team gets together that I was really worried about leaks. To top it off, I really didn't want to go traipsing through the woods, over logs, and through the swamp and worry about leaks. I should be worrying about snakes, bears, wild boar, and bigfoot. I knew there had to be a better option than pads.

The next time I headed to WalMart, I decided to check into my options to help with my leakage problem. I was excited when I saw this on the shelf.

I don't know about you guys, but wearing a pad has never been fun. I always feel yucky wearing one, so finding an alternative that is similar to a tampon was very exciting.

I picked up this Poise IMPRESSA Bladder Supports Sizing Kit and decided to give it a try.

Poise IMPRESSA is designed to help manage stress urinary incontinence. The Poise IMPRESSA Bladder Supports do not obsorb leaks, they prevent them- how amazing is that?!

The sizing kit includes two bladder supports of each of the three sizes, plus a $4 off coupon for a 10-count single-size package of Poise IMPRESSA. 

You can use them for up to 8 hours each day- awesome for sepecial events, running errands, or a funny movie night. Nothing ruins family movie night with the kids like having to go change clothes in the middle of it.

I am really impressed with the sizing- because not all bodies are created equal and this is not a one size fits all situation.

Do you want to try Poise IMPRESSA for yourself? You can get a $2 off coupon to purchase the sizing kit. After you find your perfect fit, you can even download a $2 off coupon for a 10-count pack.

Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to try the new Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports!

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