On The Go Activity Bags For Kids: Perfect For Church, Restaurants, and More

I was sitting at a restaurant letting my oldest play. While he was playing, Kodabug was coloring and doing a variety of different activities. Then, Tbomb wanted to do the same. They did their activities for a while and when it was time to head home, I packed their goodies and was stopped by a grandma. She asked me about them and I gladly let her look through the two bags. She then informed me that she would be making them for her grandkids. I thought, I'd share them with you guys.

There is really nothing special about these little packs, just the time it takes to put them together. I picked up a pouch for $1 at Wal-Mart and filled it full of things we had, things from Dollar Tree, and a couple new things. 

Each pack has plenty of coloring items, scribble pads, crayons, a pencil, dry erase board (that is really a game case), and a game. They each also have a balloon ball and a pumpkin carving shovel for outside play. I keep one in each backpack and I have another set up for each for car trips. These packs have definitely been worth the time and little money invested. 

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