Mommy & Me FITness Together: 5 Tips for Exercising With An Active Toddler

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Have you ever tried to exercise, but get held back because you are constantly getting your toddler out of some mess or they are pulling on you to play with them? I have and now that I'm on my second toddler, I have worked out some tricks to make my fitness routine go a little smoother. Today, I'm going to share with you my top 5 tricks.

1. Get them involved. Whether they are copying you, becoming barbells for you to lift, or even letting you chase them. Getting them involved will keep them occupied, get them some exercise in, and even teach them the importance and fun of being active. 

2. Use music. What toddler doesn't like music? Put some music on to motivate you and in no time, they will be dancing or doing what you are doing. 

3. Give them their own space. Set up your yoga mat and a towel or blanket for them and they will enjoy being like mommy. 

4. Use cardboard to make their own exercise equipment and that will keep them entertained for hours. 

5. Let them hold you accountable. If you allow them to watch you, they are learning good habits and you are more likely to keep it up because your toddler can hold you accountable like no other. 

I love to get out in the yard and chase my kids. They love playing with mommy and it wears them out so they sleep better. However, nothing is sadder than seeing a toddler run in a saggy diaper- they can't even run straight because their diaper is getting in the way. That's where Pampers comes to the rescue. Pampers is taking our toddlers from Sag to Swag. 

Pampers Cruisers has just made some exciting changes to their diapers. They now include 3 “Extra Absorb ChannelsTM” This helps distribute wetness more evenly and cut down on sag. It also helps your little one stay drier for up to 12 hours. A saggy diaper can hinder movement, but the new Pampers Cruisers prevents this. Your baby will now have swag while experiencing all the cool new milestones, like crawling, walking, jumping, and running. Let your baby's (or toddler's) own swag be released, and not constricted by sag. Let your baby explore the world in a better fitting diaper.

*While the diapers may have changed, they are still made with the same safe and mild materieals they always have been made with*

To make things even better- As part of Pampers commitment to supporting the happy, healthy development of each baby and making life #BetterforBaby, Pampers will make a diaper donation at each Pampers Cruiser stop, continuing the brand’s mission to provide millions of diapers for families in need each year.

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