Cookie Sheet: Awesome Homeschool Tool

I have become a little obsessed with the kids' cookie sheets. We have taken them on vacation, in the car, for dinners outside, camping, and even used them or crafts. One of my favorite times to use them has become homeschool though.

There are many different ways you can use cookie sheets in your homeschool. It is a great idea to have a couple on hand. Your homeschool and specific needs will determine the size required. We have small ones now that are similar to brownie pans, but will be purchasing larger typical cookie sheets to use only in school soon (don't you just love Dollar Tree?!) You can paint them, paint with chalkboard paint, cover in dry erase sticker and even paint on general game boards. The possibilities are endless.

Here are 10 Ways we use Cookie Sheets in Our Homeschool:

1. For spelling with magnetic letters

2. Visual storytelling (print pictures and use similar to a felt board)

3. Counting with manipulatives (the edges can keep things from rolling away

4. With a magnetic clip in place of a clipboard

5. Putting puzzles together. We take turns picking pieces, and keep all the pieces in the cookie sheet and pass it back and forth.

6. Outside work- when we need a change of scenery, we often head outside to do our school work. Then, the cookie sheets become desks!

7, Crafting- to keep all items together and protect the surface we are working on.

8. Sorting- sort magnets by color, letter, size, etc. You can also use a muffin tin

9. Sensory Play- if you have one like we do (with higher sides), they are perfect for a mini sensory bin.

10. Calendar time- if you want a small calendar to use, make one from a cookie sheet- imagine the possibilities with the added magnetic ability.

Once you start using cookie sheets in your classroom, you will be amazed at the uses you find for them. I'm always using them on a whim with different projects.

How do you use cookie sheets?

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