5 Minute DIY: Organize Kids Electronics #OrganizedMom

I have a problem. I'm a geek. My husband is a geek. My dad is a geek. My in-laws are geeks. What does this mean? My kids are geeks. Yes, they most definitely are. If I weren't a paranormal investigator, needing tons of gadgets, they would likely out-gadget me. They have a ton of electronics. Did you see this post on Instagram earlier?
This is just the tip of the iceberg. This does not include gaming systems, my old devices they use, or random gadgets like the bug vacuum.  This is basically the things I can let them play with anytime, but their time is still limited, so I keep them where they can't reach them. Plus, it keeps Kodabug from getting Tbomb's tablet and vice versa. 

Yes, they are also paired. Koda wants what Tbomb has, so I have to have equivalents for each one. Without further ado, here is how I handle the kids ever-growing pile of electronics (for now).

It is overflowing now, and it is most definitely time to upgrade, but it works for the time being. If your children do not have as many things to put in it, then it will work perfectly- or only have one child. 

I just took a simple basket from Dollar Tree and stood the items in it. Some things we don't use as much (mouse, timer, etc) are in the bottom most of the time. Doing it this way, I can include accessories, like the CarSeat Cinemas, KidLid for my computer, and other forms of electronic protection. 

This weekend, I'm going to pick up two more (one green and one pink because they have to be color coded) and separate their items so there is more room to see (and grow). Any type of container will work for this- you may even want to get bins with lids to keep fingers out if you don't want them on a high shelf. 

This is a simple organizational project that will save you lots of time! 

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