Why We Homeschool

I have been asked a countless number of times why we made the decision to homeschool and so many traditional school parents seem to think we made the decision on a whim. We didn't. The Mr. and I starting talking about our options for school before Tbomb was even born. We discussed it for a couple of years before we ever made a decision. Some are very personal reasons stemming from both of us having bad experiences in the public school system (although we were both good students). Other reasons are more concrete.

Today, I'm going to share 10 of those reasons with you. I'm not trying to convince you to homeschool or not to homeschool. Every family is different and every family has a different "best thing".

1. It is what feels right in our hearts. We were on the homeschool side from the beginning and our feelings just never changed.

2. We are invested in our children's future more than any teacher could ever be.

3. We know that children will do what is expected of them. If we expect them to behave, learn, succeed, they will. Believing in our children is a must and so many teachers do not have that outlook- many start the school year off believing that some kids will fail and that is unacceptable.

4. There are things being taught in schools that we strongly disagree with and instead of expose our children to that and try to reverse it, let's just skip that all together.

5. I'm not getting into all of the details, I'll just say the majority of the "rumors" about homeschooling are myths and most homeschooled children are more well-rounded and do better on testing.

6. Children are sponges and soak everything up- from teachings and ideals to behavior and bullying. We want to have more control over what our children learn and pick up than the schools.

7. I was told by a local school board employee (Oconee County, SC) to dumb my child down- that he had no reason to know how to write at 3 years old. Excuse me, but if he wants to do it, then who am I to hinder him?

8. We are selfish, want nothing but the best for our kids, and want to spend as much time with them as we can while we can.

9. Tbomb knew his alphabet, could recognize each letter, and make the sounds they make before he was two- just from us working with him. We knew then that we were doing something right. Now, he is 4 and can read some, write his letters and numbers, and even do some math.

10. We love seeing the looks on their faces when they learn something new.

What are your reasons for homeschooling/ not homeschooling?

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