Review: Kinivo Sport Headphones

Disclaimer: I received a product to review, all opinions are my own. 

I absolutely love the headphones and speakers from Kinivo, and recently had the opportunity to try out a pair of sport headphones that haven't been released yet. I am in love with them, and you will be too.

I'm one of these people that have headphones all over the house. I have a couple pair by my computer, some in the living room, several in the bedroom, and a pair in my purse at all times. That way, I'd always have a pair with me. The only problem with this is that I haven't found a pair that are just right for working out and other physical activities. In the past, they have either fallen off of my head or I have gotten the cord tangles.

That's what makes the BTH260 Bluetooth sport headphones so amazing. These are balanced just right on your head so that they do not fall off and they have no cord. The controls are right on the ear part of the headphone. There are just enough buttons to do what you need, and not so many that the buttons are confusing when you aren't looking at them. The case with carabiner clip keep them protected and handy when not in use. I have started keeping these with me all the time so that I can always listen to music, no matter what I am doing.

The BTH260 headphones have not been released yet, but you can sign up for updates on the Kinivo website and find out when they are available for purchase and learn about their other amazing products. Sign up here.

UPDATE: These headphones have officially been released, order here.

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