How I Plan My Week

I have been posting different shots of my planner and elements in it to Instagram lately, I have had people ask (On Instagram and Facebook) how I go about planning my week, so here goes...
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1. I have a weekly guide that I use. This is just a week print out on one page that I list the things I do weekly on. For instance, on Mondays, I plan my clients' social media, on Wednesdays I do blog maintenance, and on Thursdays, I do computer maintenance. I have about 5 tasks each day on this. When I plan my week each Sunday, I write these items in.

2. I use Google Calendar to keep up with monthly, yearly, and quarterly tasks- I also keep track of Social Media and blog tasks/ posts here. I use my paper planner to keep track of important things like appointments (these also go in my Google Calendar). While I am planning my week, I transfer items to my week (and stay a month ahead in my paper planner- so I can schedule important things quickly).

3. Then, I fill in the blog posts I want to do (some are already in there from transferring from Google Calendar). I have certain types of posts I do on each day, plus certain days to post on The Paranormal Sass and Cari On Media.

4. Schedule tasks and specifics for clients (this is a whole different post)

5. I then choose 10-15 things from my master to-do list to work on that week. If I don't finish all of these, it is okay, but limiting the number I look at will help me stay focused.

TIP: if it does not fit in the day's slot- don't schedule it. I learned that lesson the hard way and was perpetually behind.

That is the basics of how I go about scheduling my week. I will post another day about the week's layout and how I organize my planner (In the meantime, I am desperately searching for a different weekly layout)

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