Book Review: NIV Proclamation Bible

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

I have always loved bibles. Every time I have had a chance to try a new translation, I do it. As a teenager, I took several summer bible courses and was encouraged to read scripture in different translations because sometimes you realize what a verse is saying by choosing a different translation. I would pull all of my bibles out and spread them on the table when I would study scripture. Even doing this, the one thing I was missing was a bible to read daily. To get my daily scripture reading in, I wanted an "easy read" bible, but never found what I was looking for, until now!

The NIV Proclamation Bible was just what I needed to read daily. I love reading this bible in the morning or before bed. It gives me the scripture I need to get through the day and to end the day with, in an easy to read format. This has become my favorite study bible. I also love comparing it to the KJV, especially when it is a difficult scripture to study.

"The NIV Proclamation Bible is remarkable for how well it puts the highest quality biblical scholarship at the Bible student's fingertips in such a clear, penetrating and accessible form. There are many study Bibles on the market right now, but none better." -Tim Keller

The extras included in this bible are amazing. I love the historical narrative, that gives you a look deeper into what life was like in biblical times, which can really help one understand the bible more. It also includes theology essays, which I really enjoyed because Theology has always been one of my favorite subjects. In fact, I will minor in religious studies when I return to finish my bachelor's degree. The overviews of apocalyptic literature draw me in as well. Studying Revelations has always been a favorite of mine, and I love seeing how it reflects on the rest of the Bible. The NIV Proclamation bible gives an amazing wealth of knowledge, as 65 expert bible teachers have contributed essays and other tidbits. 

This bible stays in my Bible basket (along with the kids' bibles and their bible story books) for easy access to promote reading the Bible daily I'm sure it will become your favorite companion as well. 

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