5 Minute DIY: Recycled Watering Jug

Today's 5 Minute DIY really is super simple. The Mr is a genius and came up with this because none of the watering cans we could find were big enough and the water hose doesn't reach to all of our plants. He needed something larger to water the plants further away with and just couldn't find what would work. Necessity really is the mother of invention! 

We always have these kitty litter jugs from Diva's litter box and I just hate throwing them away. Whenever I know someone could use one, I wash it and send it to them. For instance, the Mr's grandmother uses them to water her dog with, so he has plenty of water and she only makes one trip. I kept telling the MR, there had to be something we could use them for. Well, he found the solution! 

He took a kitty litter jug (it really doesn't matter what kind), and turned it into a watering jug for the plants, When I saw what he was doing, I stopped him, forced him to let me take pictures, and begged him to let me put it on the blog. Well, he was happy to help me and all of you out. 

Here's what he did (seriously- super simple): Take your jug and using an icepick (or screwdriver), poke holes in the upper part of the front [photo below], fill it up with water, put the lid on, and water away. See, isn't he awesome!!! 

What would you like to see recycled?

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