15 Ways To Use A Kitchen Timer: Mom's Best Friend

I never used a kitchen timer until I became a mom. I would just watch the time while I was cooking. I bought my first one after Tbomb was born and have kept one ever since. Honestly, I'd usually pick one up at Dollar Tree and replace it when the batteries died. I recently received a set of two nice kitchen timers and have found myself using it more than ever. (I gave one to my MIL and she's been doing the same). The one I have can be turned off or on, uses AAA batteries, is very loud, and has very large numbers and buttons. It also can be set up to 99 minutes 59 seconds, has a loop for a lanyard or hanging, a stand, and a heavy duty magnet. Mine works as a timer and stopwatch, as well. All this makes life easier, but one from Dollar Tree like I used to use works just as well.  (link to mine) I have even considered getting one with a different alarm and use one per kid. As you will see, I pretty much keep it with me all day long.

Today, I want to share 15 ways I use my kitchen timer on a daily basis.

1. Cooking, of course

2. Timing exercise

3. Timeouts

4. Timing quiet time (we have an hour of quiet time every afternoon and Tbomb can see how much time he has left.

5. Timing school activities

6. Timing screen time

7. Timing reward activity time

8. I have used it to limit the time Tbomb takes to make decisions

9. Tracking 10 minutes of calm-down time before bed.

10. Tracking work time during the day.

11. I've used it to time when I need to cook dinner so that I don't get wrapped up in other activities

12. Timing discussions in meetings to keep us on track

13. Timing speakers at events (depending on the alarm options you have)

14. Timing crazy time when the kids have been sitting too long/ timing break time

15. Timing all the little things throughout the day, when I say "you have 5 minutes to put your shoes on, etc" It is especially helpful because Tbomb is learning time, so he can see what I'm talking about.

Do you have another use for a kitchen timer? I would love to hear about it.

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