10 Uses For Old Tablets and Smartphones

We have a couple old tablets and more than a couple old smartphones lying around and I decided there had to be a use for them, so I started brainstorming. I came up with a few ideas and now I want to share them with you.

1. Keep it for a backup- you never know when one is going to stop working, a cat will land on it, or it will fly out of someone's hand and shatter (yes, they have all happened in my house). Hold on to those old tablets to use if one breaks until you can get your hands on a new one.

2. Give it to a kid- There are plenty of kid apps and app blockers out there that will allow you to set it up for a child to use. My son got a tablet for his 4th birthday and can already work it better than most adults.

3. Use it as a media player- This can be for travel, quiet time, camping, or any other purpose. Use a media converter to convert your movies to mp4 and you are good to go to load them.

4. Use it as a music player- You can get awesome speakers to go with a tablet- load that thing up with as much music as will fit, put it on play, and have a party. There are even apps to allow you to sync an android tablet with iTunes!

5. Calendar/ Shopping list- If you are not a fan of paper planners, but strive to get organized, this may be your solution. With Google Calendar, a third party calendar (Sunrise is great), lists, Google Keep, and other apps, you could have the ultimate digital calendar. You can still sync with other devices, send invites, etc.

6. Dedicated Reader- Dying for a Kindle, just for reading? Download the app, adjust your screen brightness, and read away.

7. Homeschool- There are a ton of educational apps out there. Not ready to give your kid their own tablet or computer? Use an old one to set it up for homeschool. There is handwriting practice, math, bible stories, history, and more. Just give them a stylus, block apps you don't want them to have access to and hand them the world.

8. Kitchen- Turn your old tablet into a recipe book. There are interactive recipe book apps that allow you to add your own, create shopping lists, and more. Then, you could send your shopping list to your main device. You can even get tablet holders to go on a cabinet door, or use a recipe book stand.

9. Use it as a dedicated device for a hobby. I have an old phone that I use for paranormal investigations. That way, I don't have to carry in my main one and risk a call contaminating evidence. It has a great camera, and I've added some awesome apps to add to the ghost hunting experience- I've also added some bigfoot calls for call blasting. I have another tablet that I use sometimes that is perfect or documenting and leaving in a stationary position and measuring vibrations, etc. Do you like photography, DIY projects, or another hobby? I bet you can turn your old phone or tablet into a supplemental device for that.

10. Donate. If you don't like those ideas or jsut don't want to fool with multiple devices, consider donating your phone to domestic violence victims or your tablet to schools or after school programs, I'm sure they can find a use for them.

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