Tips For Creating A Rewards Bag

I don't know about you guys, but I like to keep a rewards bag handy. I grab items out of it for a day trip, throw the whole thing in my car bag for a longer trip, take a couple items when we're running errands, and have it on hand for when one of the kids do something so very sweet.

I really didn't even realize that I was doing it until my mother pointed it out. She said "your rewards bag is really cool," and I had never thought about it. Today, I'm going to give you some tips for creating your own rewards bag to keep on hand. You may be lucky enough to not even need to buy anything.

  • Grab any old bag you have lying around that closes- this is actually the bag a set of sheets came in. 
  • Think about what the rewards will be for- many times, ours are for in the car, so I have a lot of quiet nonmessy items in it. 
  • Have a variety of items- some for outside play, inside play, quiet play, loud play
  • Use items from grab bags at events/ parties- are your kids really going to play with these. 
  • Keep your eye out for sales on party supplies and school supplies- you can get some fun items really cheap
  • Use left-over party supplies and crafting items
  • Look in your gifting closet for things that will work
  • Keep it simple and fun! 

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