The Many Uses of Paracord

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

X-cords Paracord 850 Lb Stronger Than 550 and 750 Made By US Government Certified Contractor(TACTICAL CAMO 100FT HANK)Paracord is one of the most versatile products created and something I truly believe every home should have, in fact we have several units of paracord. When you purchase this from x-cords (amazon $15.99), you get 100 foot of super useful paracord.

This paracord is made by a military contractor right here in the United States. It has 8 inner strands.

You can leave it in hank form or make bracelets, lanyards, keychains, and more for survival purposes. It really is great to have on hand.

You can use it as tie-down cord, to hang a hammock, to make a variety of items, and even to tie things onto your pack. Make a fishing net, use the inner cords to fish with, use for fire starter material, and even make a bow for starting a fire. The uses are endless and every household should have some.

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