The 5 Best Apps For Travel: Kids Edition

Whenever we are about to head out for a long day trip, going on vacation, or the kids have a doctor appointment, there is one thing I do the night before to make life a little bit easier. I download a new app to Tbomb's tablet. Today I'm going to share the 5 best apps for being away from home for your little ones. These are a combination of fun, educational, and reminiscent of the games we played growing up.

Note: While there may be apple versions of these apps, we use Amazon App Store and Google Play.

1. Kids Academy Apps- This is a whole line of apps that I am particulary impressed with. Designed with preschoolers in mind, these games teach a variety of preschool games while having your kiddo collect firelies in a jar.

2. Big City Animals- Teaching new skills with each location travelled too, Big City Animals has a catchy song that you will be singing along with as well. My little guy just loves the characters, especially Boston Bernie. 

Boston Bernie Spans the City - app

3. Bible For Kids- This is one of Tbomb's favorites. It reads the bible story and has adorable animations to go along. They are adding new stories all the time, so be sure to download the stories once your app is installed. 

Bible for Kids - screenshot

4. Jewel Star 3- This game really does keep him and the whole family entertained. We all have it on our devices. 

Jewels Star 3 - screenshot thumbnail

5. MineCraft Pocket Edition- Normally I do not buy apps for Tbomb. I usually download free ones. I paid $6.99 for this app and it was worth every penny. It keeps him entertained and honestly it helps his creativity and problem solving skills. 

Minecraft: Pocket Edition - screenshot thumbnail

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