Summer Fun With #KidsBugAdventureKit

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

When the Mr and I got word that we would get to try out this Bug Adventure Kit, we were over the moon. We knew that not only would the family have a blast with this, but we would also have the opportunity to teach the kids some fun lessons. 

When you order from Amazon ($36.99 here), The set includes the Insect Catcher Set and the Bug Vacuum. The Insect Catcher Kit includes safety tweezers, transfer capsule, viewshere, wrist compass, butterfly net, and ventilated examination capsule. The Bug Vacuume is awesome! It has a led laser light for night time play, an examination chamber, and even a carabiner. It allows your child to catch bugs and move them to a tank without touching them! It is strong enough for the bugs, but the suction isn't too much that it is going to hurt a child. 

We put everything in a reward box and let Tbomb have things one at a time- this kept it new and exciting. He still plays with everything though! We have even included the smaller of the capsules in his backpack so he can catch bugs at the park. He even had fun using the "scissor" bug catcher to catch crickets from our feeder tank to feed his Bearded Dragons (yes, his Nina gave them to him and he named them Spiderman and Goblin). The vacuum has been perfect for catching lighting bugs because he isn't quite fast enough for them, but with this, he can be. Then, he puts them in a container and watches them until he falls asleep (then mom and dad set them free). I put the compass in our car reward bag for good behavior on our trip and that worked perfectly- he was so excited when he got that prize. 

When I start planning his preschool curriculum, I will pull a few items out to use specifically for our nature study- which he is super excited about- even more excited that he can use his bug catchers to find insects for the turtles we are raising (protecting from predators) to eat. It was really fun to watch him use his bug catching gear to catch tadpoles out of the pond to feed to Pinecone (his pet crawfish). 

Japanese beetles completely freak him out because their legs prick him, but he has been using the tweezers to help get them off the plants in our garden with his daddy! Thak you Sharp Gear for making our summer even more fun than we could have imagined! I can't wait to check out some more of their toys that will add to our adventures exploring our little world. 

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