Start Your Morning Off Right With CoffeeBean Press

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, my love for the brand is real!

We all have those routines that make our morning more enjoyable and our days a little more productive. I start out my day with a cup of coffee, planner, and a sheet of paper. While I'm looking over my day, and making my to do list, I used to watch the news. Now, that just depresses me, so I have found a new alternative. I now turn to Coffee Bean Press for my morning read. I scan over the site and read the newest posts while I do my daily brain dump and get prepared for the day. This helps me have a much more productive day. I'm telling my brain that I'm starting out productive, so I stay that way more of the day.

I go back and peruse some more in the afternoon with my afternoon cup of coffee and go over my calendar and to do list again to see how productive I've been. We all know this afternoon break is much needed in the day. This is especially true or work at home moms because we work "from son up 'til son down." We tend to forget to give ourselves time off and can very easily work ourselves into a lull.

Head on over to CoffeeBean Press for your daily fix of lifestyle, business, and fun!

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