Simple DIY: Repurpose Snack Pouch Into Ice Pack

I am always looking for ways of repurposing containers our food comes in. I just hate throwing out all that trash. In fact, I buy very little in single serve containers for that purpose. I don't even buy snack pouches for the kids, I use our washable ones. However, sometimes other people have snacks for the kids that are single serve.

Their nanny brought them yogurt pouches for their outside evening snack the other evening. (We love living so close to family). I was thinking that I could definitely repurpose those and relized they would be great ice packs. So, I made ice packs out of them and it was easy peasy.

Just add one part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water and put it in the container (you could even use a zip bag). I used 1/3 c alcohol to 1 c water and divided it between the two pouches. I used a medicine dropper to put it in the pouches because I couldn't find the funnel. Then, pop it in the freezer and be ready for the next bump or bruise- or to pack lunches. You can never have too many ice packs on hand!

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