Review: SurvivalHax Water Filter

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have mentioned before that my husband and I are learning about survival and creating a system for this neccessity. In addition to this, we like to camp, hike, fish, and go bigfooting. One of the things we have talked about being concerned about is what happens if we get stranded without access to water. Well, we both know how to start a fire and purify water- but what if there is no dry wood or nothing to contain the water? That is where SurvivalHax Water Filter comes in.

With this water filter, you will have drinking water as long as there is fresh (aka not sea) water around you. No need for a fire or for a pot to boil it in. Just drink the water through this straw for a fresh drink. It gets rid of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoa. 

With a single filter, you can filter 1500 liters/ 396 gallons of water. It is made from BPA free materials and no chemicals are used. It uses a hollow fiber UF membrane and antibacterial activated charcoal. 

This professional personal water filtration straw is perfect for survival, emergencies, camping, hiking, boating, and more. Keep on in your car in case you are stranded. Keep one in your emergency kit as well. You can purchase it through their site or Amazon ($20.20)

For tips and directions, check out this video: 

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  1. Looks like this product is very useful for people who love to spend time going mountain climbing and camping, because it can guarantee that you will have a clean water to drink. And it's simple to use and easy to carry along too. Thanks for sharing this, Cari! Have a great time on your adventures! :)

    Verna Griffin @ Axe On Water