Mason Jar Summer Centerpieces

The temperature is getting hot and you’re loving the smell of fresh flowers from your garden. All that’s left to do is incorporate some beautiful summer centerpieces where you spend most of your time. If you like to eat together as a family, why not place some mason jar centerpieces in the middle of the dining table? Or, if you’re a stay-at-home-mom, place some summery decor by your desk or nightstand. Everyone can use some pretty accents to lift their spirits. These five mason jar ideas will surely spark your creativity.

Patriotic Painting

When you think of the summer, what comes to mind? Do you think of the Fourth of July? BBQ, cornhole, and fireworks; all these things make this celebration special. To add some decor to your party or home, paint mason jars with acrylic paint. Each jar can have a patriotic design like the three jars pictured. One can have stars and others can have red and white stripes. To get really tight lines, use painters tape wrapped around the jars for the stripes. If you can’t freehand stars, cut some out or use a stencil for a flawless application. You can choose to fill these with flowers or small American flags. I really like how the white flowers work well with this project and show off the red and white.

Rustic Chic

For a more formal affair you can add a base to set off your mason jar arrangement. This wooden base is an easy DIY. All you need is a saw and a fallen tree. Add mason jars in sets of three and place candles inside. From there you can add flowers around them or other small mementos that remind you of summer. The trick to pulling this stylish look off is tapering the mason jars. Make sure you have three different sizes and it’ll look very pleasing to the eye.

Collected Treasures

Do you travel a lot? Once you go on a trip, isn’t it difficult to find a place to put your treasures? This quirky take on a centerpiece just screams summer vacation. Fun for kids and adults alike, these mini terrariums can hold a mix of sand, shells, and starfish. Begin by collecting some sand in a plastic bag and then placing it at the bottom of your jar. Build upon it with different treasures. Along with shells you can also add little photographs. Once your mini creation is finished, set it out on display in the center of a coffee table. For an even more advanced look, stack matching colored books and lay other items around it like pictured.


Sometimes mason jars don’t need anything to make them look pretty. This picture proves that the typical mason jar is perfect for the season. Add some water and pick and few flowers and you have a thoughtful centerpiece. If you’d like to be more advanced, try adding droplets of food coloring in with the water. This may change the color of the flowers and add a whimsical look. There are also a lot of ways to tint mason jars different colors. A quick search on Pinterest will have you tinting your mason jars every color of the rainbow!

Classic with Lemons

When I think of country cottages in the summer, I always think of lemons. This classic summer centerpiece is bright and cheery. To recreate this look all you need are a few lemons and some fresh flowers. Slice the lemons in small sections and then insert them inside the mason jar. This look works best with wide mouth jars. Fiddle with them with your fingers until you have them perfectly stacked inside the jar. Don’t forget to look at all sides before adding water. Once the water is added, place the flowers inside. You can set this simple centerpiece on a bamboo mat or lay a few lemons around it to add more dimension to the look.

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