Great Headphones At A Lower Price #SenteyFlow

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

These Sentey Flow headphones (Amazon $14.99) have quickly become my favorite headphones. They are light weight (unlike most like them).

There is a detachable, inline microphone. The detachable cable is flat and will not tangle. You can even use these with your adapters and lines for turtle beaches.

★ Exclusive Headphone ★ Headphones Sleek design ★ Comes with a modern, sleek design that highlights simple but functional beauty ★ headphones ★ headphone ★ kids headphones ★ headphones for kids ★ kid headphone ★ kid headphones ★ headphones for kids ★ Kid Headphones
★ Foldable ★ The Flow headset folds up for easy transport and storage anywhere you want.
★ In-line Microphone Headset ★ An In-line omnidirectional microphone that picks up your voice without having to talk directly into it.
★ In-line Control ★ The Flow headset features in-line control to allow you to answer calls by pressing the button when being used on a mobile phone and play/pause a song when used in a device that supports inline control with music ★ Flat Cable ★ The flat detachable cable designed to prevent tangles in both use and storage while providing the maximum strength ★ headphones for kids
★ Compatible and works with any 3.5mm Device and with Turtle Beach TalkBack Cable and Earforce Audio Adapter ★ Skullcandy Inline Cables ★ Apple Ipad ★ Iphone ★ Air ★ Mini ★ Samsung Galaxy s3, s4, s5, s6 ★ Nokia Phones ★ Microsoft Surface and Pro, Asus, Lenovo, Msi Notebooks, Panasonic SV-MP010 Digital Audio Player, Sony Walkman , Razer Edge Pro ★ ProntoTec and Lg G Pad Tablets ★ Amazon Fire ★ Dragon Touch Devices ★ Astro Queo Smartphone ★ Hp Stream ★ Acer Iconia ★ Google Nexus ★ Dell Venue ★ Polaroid Tab ★ Toshiba Encore ★ Blu Dash ★ Htc Desire ★ Nokia Lumia ★ Ps3 , Ps4 , Ps Vita , Xbox , Xbox One ★ Sharp Aquos, and many many more broadband compatible devices.

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