Book Review: Nuts About Nuts

Disclaimer: I received a review copy for free, but all opinions are my own.

First, I want to say that I adore Kindle books. I can get them free or at low cost and have a whole library of educational books at my fingertips for Tbomb and Kodabug. When you have books at your fingertips, you hae the whole world.

I was asked to review a book on Kindle all about nuts. I though, well, why not- it would go great with our nature unit, since we have a lot of nut trees on our property. I soon found out that it is so much more.

Although I got Nuts about Nuts by Shir Guez for free, it normally is just $1.99 and that is a great deal!

This book is written in a very relaxed style and teaches children about the nutritional value of nuts. It is a very fun book to read and will get your shildren excited about learning about nuts and get them excited to eat healthy.

Included is also healthy recipes including nuts for your children. Lucky for me, Tbomb loves nuts, and this book got him even more excited to eat them.

It is going to make an excellent addition to our healthy eating part of "all about me." I enjoyed learning from it as well.

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