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We've all wished it- that kids came with an instruction manual. Yes, we're given advice, but it doesn't always work. Why can't there just be a book to guide us along the path.

The Instruction Manual for Kids - Parent's Edition by Kerri Yarsley | Click here to Buy Now!Most of us are just trudging through life trying to do the best we can for our kids. We don't have time to contemplate what we're doing and if there is a simpler way to do it. Most of our days end with exhaustion, guilt, and if we're lucky, a shower.

Thanks to Kerri Yarsley, there is now The Instrucion Manual for Kids: Parent's Edition. Kerri has over 25 years of successful parenting. While raising 4 her kids, she worded and remained involved in the ommunity. Many other parents often asked her how she did it all. She did give advice, and soon dedicated her life to writing this book full of humor and advice.

Like anything else, this book will not solve every problem, but she offers advice for many problems and encourages practicing with different techniques, afterall- "pracice makes perfect."

Kerri takes us from preparation for baby into the teenage years. She offers advice on setting an example, discipline, parents vs friends, anatomy, and more. There is even a chapter that focuses on going through a seperation or death. This was great when our last dog died- our little guy was absolutely devastated when he realized he hadn't seen Amy in a while.

Kerri encourages us to stop worrying, after all- worrying does nothing. She encourages prevention over dealing with the aftermath, and discourages the feeling of helplessness many parets feel.

This book would be great for the sesoned parent, new parent, or as a gift! Buy now.

Press Release:

Easy and entertaining steps to bring out the best in parents and children

BRISBANE, Australia – How much easier would parenting be if kids came with an instruction manual? Parents have been waiting for decades for the answers to the numerous challenges of parenthood.

Kerri Yarsley shares her personal stories of more than 25 years of parenting along with valuable tips on happiness and health in her new book, “The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition.” Yarsley successfully raised her four children while working and staying actively involved in her community. ”How do you manage that?” people often asked her. As Yarsley started receiving more requests on help with parenting, she dedicated herself to writing this easy-to-read and entertaining instruction manual.

This book is different from the average book on raising kids as Yarsley delves into the physical, emotional, mental and some spiritual aspects of child development. She focuses on the mindset of parents, how they speak to and around their kids, nutritional requirements, and how to prepare kids to make balanced and informed choices throughout their lives.

“Most parents don’t give themselves the time to reflect on their parenting skills and whether there are easier ways to handle challenges with kids,” Yarsley said. “My book provides readers with simple steps to consciously make parenting easier and more enjoyable.”

This manual is for those considering parenthood, expecting, and new and seasoned parents and grandparents. After reading this book, raising kids will become ‘child’s play’.

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“The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition”

By Kerri Yarsley

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5

Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author

Raised in Melbourne, Australia, Kerri Yarsley studied biochemistry, microbiology, education and computer science. Over the span of six years Yarsley and her husband had four children, who are all following their dreams and contributing to society in their own unique way. Yarsley has a love of learning and keeping active as she trains and teaches kids and their parents Taekwondo. Yarsley and her husband are still actively involved in the corporate world with their Business Solutions for IT (information technology) and Empower Change Consulting companies on the Gold Coast.

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