Back To School: Sick Kid Toolkit

Okay folks, let's face it. When our kids are around other kids, someone is bound to get sick. Each of the very few times Tbomb has been sick, I could count back a few days and had been around a large crowd of kids. So, back to school is the perfect time to create (or refresh) your sick kid toolkit.
Now, this kit is not for medication- this kit is for entertainment. For me, the hardest thing about Tbomb being sick is that he wants to play. He doesn't want to just lie there, rest, and watch television. The tablet will keep him occupied for a little while, but not long enough. So, when he is sick, I frantically run around the house gathering items that will keep him entertained and still. The last time he was sick, I was working on an emergency project for a client and needed him entertained- so I decided I would create a sick kid toolkit for the next time. I've gotten this done now, so we are prepared for the busy/ cold season.

This is a simple project and you most likely won't even have to buy anything. You can use whatever you have around the house. I'm just giving you guidelines.

1. Find A Container: I got an empty coffee can and washed it out- it actually works perfectly.

2. Cover the container: I took craft paper (actually out of a package that was shipped), cut it to the right size and taped it on.

3. Fill it full of goodies: You are going to want to include a few items that you know will keep your little one occupied and a few new things that will grab his attention. I included some lacing cards, magic slate boards, stencils, crayons, and small coloring books. I also include a new finger puppet and a new slinky. They can even color on the container.

4. Sanitize: I included boogie wipes, a travel thing of Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and a travel can of Lysol. You can also include some grocery bags and turn the container into a "puke bucket."

5. Include some snacks: It would be a good idea to keep a couple of healthy single-serve snacks that you know your little one will eat. When they are sick, it is hard to get them to eat healthy, so having a special "treat" on hand is great. I included apple crisps and a CLIF kids bar.

This Sick Kid Toolkit is completely customizable for your family. I just wanted to share what I did to give an idea. What would you include in your sick kid toolkit?

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