3 Ways To Cope With A Bad Hair Day #SalonDuck

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Haven't you ever had one of those days that as soon as you see your hair in the mirror first thing, you know it is going to be a bad hair day. I recently had one of those days. I was going to my baby brother's wedding that evening- I would say that was definitely a hair SOS moment! 

I have this strange hair that is a combination of normal to coarse and very dry. It is also very curly, but if it is touched, it just goes frizzy and loses the curl, but not in a pretty way. When I realized that my curls were not going to cooperate for my brother's wedding, I decided to brush it out to see if it would cooperate with some waves. Nope, it didn't want to cooperate. What you see is the result- and we know that is not wedding hair! (Seriously, this is what happens when I brush this stuff out!)

Well, I've had plenty of experience with bad hair days, so I knew I could handle this situation. I'll share  my top 3 tips for dealing with a bad hair day today. 

1. Don't over style. 

Your first reaction may be to grab the curling iron or straightening iron and go to work. Well, that really isn't the best idea. If you are already having a bad hair day, you will get no cooperation, so the best thing to do is to give that hair a break. 

2. Put It Up

When it comes to putting your hair up, you have many options. You can wear it in a ponytail, a slick bun, messy bun, pull part of it up, a loose braid, or even a stylish fishtail braid. These options usually work. Try your hand at all and find your go to for a bad hair day. 

3. Cover It

I have amassed a collection of hats over the years for this purpose alone. This started in college when I would wake up to a bad hair day and an 8 am Monday class. I learned quickly to just throw a cap on. Years later, I have hats for just about any occasion and often rely on them when my hair doesn't want to cooperate. In fact, I almost always have a baseball cap with me in case the wind does a number on me or it rains. Get you a hat you love and use it when possible. 

You may sometimes feel like it is the end of the world when you have a bad day, we all do at times. Having an accident at work can feel the same way. It is then that Aflac steps in and saves the day, much like that trusty baseball cap. 

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The Aflac Salon commercial is one of my new favorites. When you have Aflac on your side, you can handle anything- even a bad hair day! 

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This post is sponsored by Aflac. I was compensated for writing it, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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