20 Uses For A Cookie Sheet While Traveling

I've seen many posts about using a cookie sheet in the car or kids to draw on and what not, but I really didn't think they would be too handy for my family. In fact, I thought they would be a bit too big, so I just didn't worry about it and put that in the back of my mind to possibly use with Kodabug and Tbomb are older.

That was all brought to the front of my mind a couple of weeks ago when I was in Dollar Tree picking up some school supplies. It's almost time to really start some serious homeschool, so I'm trying to be as prepared as I can. I was wondering down the aisles looking for inspiration when I saw the pans. I picked a couple up thinking we could use them for magnetic letter spelling. What I picked up was a little different than what I've seen though. I picked up some rectangular cake pans that are about half the size of a cookie sheet. So, if you have little ones, that might be the size for you.

After getting home and making my list for our next trip, I realized we could use them in the car like other people use cookie sheets. I thought of a few other uses as well, maybe you will like them.

1. Let kids use it as a hard surface to draw/ color on 

2. Glue magnets to small toys (cars, dinos, etc) so they can play without dropping toys in the car

3. Use as a surface for bracelet making- all you need is string and tape

4. Paint with chalkboard paint and let them chalk-it up

5. Paint with white-board paint (or use adhesive white board) 

6. Because they are washable, you can use Crayola dry-rase crayons on them like it is and just wash it off. 

7. laminate paper dolls and add magnets for a diy paper doll closet

8. Using found items, popsicle sticks, paint, and magnets, create a custom town for your little guy's cars. (here's the pin

9. Play Alphabet Scavenger hunt. Put all the magnetic letters on the sheet. When they find the letter (or a word that starts with the letter) let them pull it off and put it in a bowl or bag. 

10. Put magnets on the crayons, use a magnetic clip, and set them loose with some color fun

11. Laminate a travel bingo sheet (there are tons of free printables), get some magnetic dogs, and play magnetic travel bingo

12. Put magnetic dogs on the back of puzzle pieces so they can put a puzzle together in the car!

13. Add magnets to the ends of popsicle sticks and let them make shapes while traveling- tell them to make the shapes of the signs they see.

14. What a great time to practice handwriting. Print some worksheets, grab a dry erase marker (preferably with eraser and magnet attached) attach magnets to the back of a sheet protector and you have a travel handwriting station. 

15. In the hotel at night, make each kid a charging station by putting electronics on charge and laying them on the cookie sheet- then they know all of their stuff is together. 

16. Add magnets to the back of scrabble pieces (btw, I buy scrabble at garage sales when I can just for the letters) for a game of scrabble down the road. 

17. Put stickers on paper and cut around them- then add magnets- diy magnet scenes! 

18. Laminate printed game boards and yatzee sheets- put magnets on game pieces and you have a diy travel game station. Don't forget to put the dice in a clear bowl with lid! (see more here)

19. Make a travel lap desk. If you glue magnets to the travel pillow case, it would be easier to clean and you are carrying less because you can slip their pillow inside the pillow case instead of using a different one. 

My favorite:
20. Use as a tray during meal time. While we were on vacation last time, the kids kept sliding their food off their plates on accident and making a mess and getting their food germy. I think this will prevent that on our next trip- in the car or hotel room

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