10 Uses For Zipper Tags From Label Daddy

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

You guys are well aware of how obsessed with labels I am. Well, I have a new addition to that obsession. These awesome little clips from Label Daddy are my new best friend. Not only are they made amazingly well, bright colored, and will stand up to preschoolers, but I have found endless uses for them. You can even have these amazing little zipper tags (24.95 for 10) customized in just about any way you want.

10 Uses For Zipper Tags

1. Put them on backpacks to seperate from everyone else's belongings. We also put them on the kids' tablet cases. 

2. Color code each kid and put them on lunch boxes, electronics, and anything else that has a place for them. 

3. Use it as a keychain

4. Put them on coats, shoes, and even hats

5. Clip them on stuffed animals and lovies (for kids a little older)

6. Organize camp gear

7. Putting them on zippers can help little ones grasp the concept of zippers better. 

8. Clip two zippers together for added security

9. As a pretty addition to any bag

10. My favorite use- I put a circle label on the backside and wrote my cell phone number on it. Then, I cliped it on my kids' belt loops in case they get separated from us. 

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