Travel Superhero: Super Undies

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own. 

We love to hop in the car as a family and head away somewhere. Sometimes its for a day, and sometimes longer. My husband's grandparents also like to take tbomb for the day and go "loafer" around or let him spend the night with them. Whenever we are going to be in the car for longer than an hour or away from home for the night, I get a little nervous. You may wonder why, but the answer is simply: ACCIDENTS.

We are getting ready to potty train Kodabug and Tbomb has been potty trained for a while now, but accidents happen on the rare occassion. When we are away from home, sometimes Tbomb forgets to tell us that he has to peepee until it is too late. Although it is nothing to worry about, he still wets the bed a good bit. I hated the idea of putting him in pullups or a diaper for the car ride or bed because he thinks he should wet them.

When I first heard about SuperUndies, I was beyond ecstatic!

These have become a staple in our home. We can put these on the little guy and not have to worry. While he is much better at letting us know he has to go potty, he still wets the bed. We simply make sure we pack superundies and we are good to go. I no longer have to worry about him wetting the bed or causing an issue from putting a diaper or pull up on him. Thanks super undies.

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