The Selfie Stick That Beats Them All: Alezan #Discount

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I've tried out several selfie sticks and even have a trusty monopod I use quite a bit. None of these have really exceeded my expectations until I came across the Alezan Mobile Selfie Stick. I love it and it has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Like I said, I have used several different selfie sticks and one thing has always been on my list of questions about them- what good does a selfie stick do, if you still have to press the shutter button on the phone? Doesn't make sense, does it. Another thing is the Bluetooth with some. I just do not like to fight with Bluetooth unless I'm trying to escape the wires. Needless to say, I love Alezan's solution. They have a little coiled cord that plugs into the earphone jack of your phone. While all smartphones have the ability to use this features, some require some tweaking, but the simple instructions are in the book. Because it is wired, there is no need for batteries or charging, something I always forget to do with the Bluetooth selfie sticks. Another accidental purpose of this cord- if you fall and your phone falls off, well, this cord will keep it from going too far. Yes, I had quite the nasty spill not too long ago in the research area.

I also love that it comes with a bag- it keeps everything together and I can keep other cords from being tangled with this one or the wrist strap- which is another awesome feature. This selfie stick is very durable and waterproof, and in my research and expeditions, that is very important. The phone mount is very adjustable to just about any angle, will fit most phones (even larger ones like my L90), and can even be turned backward. I can even use it with my GoPro Hero. This phone mount makes your phone very secure- it will not turn while taking photos.

The pole itself extends up to 38 inches, which is like adding an extra long arm, or even a small person. It also locks and has a no-slip handle. One of my favorite features that I haven't used yet, but will use is in the handle. There is a hole that allows you to mount the whole thing to a tripod. This may seem overkill to some, but it is perfect for me. You could need your tripod to reach higher, need to put your device on or off a tripod quickly without removing from the selfie stick, or even mount to a backpack tripod to get an awesome angle while hiking. The uses are really up to you and what you do. The other thing about this selfie sticks that many cannot claim is that you do not see the stick in the photo!

One of the reasons this is by far my favorite selfie stick is its real versatility.

I'm not sure if you can really tell what is going on in this photo, but once it is explained, you are going to be blown away!

I have my GoPro Hero (in the blacked out waterproof case) on the Alezan selfie stick. Then, I have the phone mount from the selfie stick attached to my backpack GoPro mount.

So, I can use the GoPro on the selfie stick to get better shots and put my phone on my backpack strap for easy access or photos, recordings, and howls- yes I use my phone A LOT during investigations and expeditions.

There are even GoPro adapters that allow you to put a regular camera on GoPro mounts- imagine the possibilities.

I am truly blown away by this product and cannot wait to keep discovering more things I love about it.

Because the folks at Alezan Mobile are so awesome, they are offering an amazing discount to readers of The Palmetto Queen. Just go to Amazon and enter S8E9NNP2 at checkout to receive $8 off. (That would make it $15.95 and free shipping if you have Prime). Hurry tough, this discount ends June 30, 2015.

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