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Disclaimer: I received samples to review. All opinions are my own. 

I have been drooling over so many of the products at Square Jellyfish for so long now that I was over the moon when I got the chance to try a couple out. Seriously, if you have not seen their amazing products, you definitely should head over to Square Jellyfish. They sent me two of their iconic products to try out and I'm in love! In addition to the Jelly Remote and the Car Vent Mount, they offer tablet and phone adapters, tripods, ball heads, and even a cool earphone case that is also a stand. These products are perfect for travel and having on hand in your tech pack!

Car Vent Mount

We use our smart phones for so many things now, that we almost always have them on hand. We use them for phone calls, texting, taking photos, and even GPS. Because of this, we need them with us in the car, but do not need them sliding around and do not need them in our hands. We need them viewable for GPS and hands free talking. With the Car vent Mount ($16.95 here) we can have this with a sturdy holder that is easily adjustable and within viewing distance. It will hold most phones, even most larger models (like the iPhone 6 and LG L0 like I have). As an added bonus, it even works as a stand or your phone away from the car! 

Jelly Remote

I was sent the 4 button remote by Square Jellyfish, but they also make a flashlight remote (light up your subject and snap a photo). 

I just love this remote. It and the Car Vent Mount are ALWAYS with me. I love that it is bluetooth enabled (with a dongle, I use it with the tablet in the car for the kids). I can control the volume, track, play/pause (music, video, and movies), and take photos. It really doesn't get any better than this. Except for when you add in the bluetooth capabilities. It reaches the standard 33 feet as well- really handy for turning down the volume for the kids. 

Have a bluetooth speaker? use this remote to control the volume with it as well. It works with android and apple devices. ($35.44 here)

Use the remote and the car vent mount together to get photos of your family! All without lugging everything with you! 

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