Summer Must Have: Picnic Blanket

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have been looking for a good picnic blanket or quite a while. I knew we would use it a lot because I got really tired of moisture soaking through when i would throw a blanket on the ground. The kids and I enjoy having lunch outside and a lot of the time when we go to the park, I'll put a blanket down on the dirt or sand for Kodabug to play on.

I hadn't purchased one yet because I just couldn't find one I was happy with. Honestly, none of them seemed sturdy enough for my little monsters. Then, I came across the picnic blanket from #practicopicnic and fell in love. 

It is extra large (60in x 80in), folds easily, and is lightweight. That had me totally smitten. But it really is super light weight and super easy to fold. The waterproof backing is even tough. In fact, this blanket is more like a soft rug than a blanket. It is made of polar fleece and won't irritate your skin. While it will keep you warm at winter football games, it won't overheat you in the summer time. 

Any time we are going to the lake, beach, park, a day trip, or on vacation, we are sure to throw it in the car- we have used it so many times that it pays to do so. We Even used it to accident proof a bed while on vacation and it worked brilliantly.

This is the perfect picnic blanket for any family!

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