Summer Fun #FreeToBe Outside

This post is sponsored by all free clear. All opinions are my own and I truly do love this brand.

Although it may not officially be summer time (according to the calendar), South Carolina has summer in full swing. For the George family, this means evenings outside. When the Mr gets home from work, we head outside with our afternoon coffee, sit on the patio and let the kids run wild. They love being outside, and I'm sure you can imagine that most of their fun involves dirt.

On any given night, you can find my husband and Tbomb gardening. It seems like they are always planting something new and Tbomb loves having this time with his daddy, and I'm sure the dirt helps. They also catch lightning bugs, relocate frogs, roll down the hill, and find any dirt to play in they can.

It is not unusual to see us having an afternoon snack, dinner, or after dinner dessert out on the patio. When the weather allows for it, we head out. We have been having a lot of watermelon, ice cream, homemade slushies or any fruit we can find out there. I pretty much turn the kids loose with it, then the Mr sprays down the patio (to cut down on ants) while I get the kids in the bath. Yeah, by the time bath time rolls around, they are usually covered in mud, grass, dirt, and whatever snack they had.
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Nothing can dampen my spirits when I have the kids and my dear husband by my side. Then, laundry day rolls around. I really do not like using a lot of chemicals with the kids, plus they are still young and I do not want to expose them to harsh dyes and fragrances. I also have super sensitive skin and cannot use dyes and fragrances on my clothing and bed clothes. To top it all off, some of our dogs have sensitive skin and we have to be careful with what we use. I'm going to tell you- I used to use three different laundry soaps. Then, I had an epiphany, just use all free clear laundry detergent.

It is the #1 recommended laundry detergent by dermatologists, pediatricians, and allergists. It only has 9 ingredients, so there are far fewer chemicals we are exposing the kids to. It is 100% free from dyes and perfumes, gentle on skin, and safe for all washing machines. You really can't beat that. When I think "detergent for sensitive skin," I definitely think all free clear. I have used it for many years on my own laundry, after my dermatologist recommended it for my extremely sensitive skin.

Because all free clear wants you to be #FreeToBe worry-free, they are offering a $1 off coupon for the month of June. Just print it off and take it to pick up your new favorite laundry detergent. You can visit their Facebook page for tips and tricks on being #FreeToBe and worry-free.

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