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Tbomb looking at the falls
Living in the upstate of South Carolina, I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. There are parks that just blow me away when I enter the gates. One of these parks is a place that has captivated my attention since I was a little girl and visited for the first time. The Stumphouse Tunnel is a location of great historical value. The tunnel was started to connect railroads through the mountains. Well, the Civil War broke out and construction came to a halt. Later, Clemson University used it to make Bleu Cheese. It is now a favorite destination for families wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle. You can walk into the tunnel, just make sure you take a flashlight. You can even walk up on top of the tunnel to the old town where the workers lived. I haven't been up there, but I've heard that it's quite amazing.

There is a pond where little ones can feed the fish, picnic tables, gazebos, and more for families to enjoy. When you enter the park, you pass Isaqueena Falls, which is a location with a legend of its own. We like to walk the trail to Isaqueena Falls and look out over it from the lookout point that was built for safety reasons, eat lunch at the many picnic locations here, then venture on up and walk into the tunnel. The kids like jumping in the puddles formed from water running through the cracks of the mountain. I couldn't imagine living here if there was no Stumphouse Tunnel. It has shifted ownership over the years (at one point, we feared its destruction) and finally it was bought by private investors and had the management turned over to the city of Walhalla. There is a lot of lore associated with these locations and, unfortunately, there are some darker things that happen. I wish we could keep these people who wish harm out and I feel that if the park had access to the funds, something could be done about this. I nominate The Stumphouse Tunnel for Huggies' #UltraHug contest.

About #UltraHug

Huggies is rewarding 10 community projects each with a $2000 grant to help them out. We all have those projects we know and love- we also know that they could use the funds to keep things going the way they are or to improve features. 

You can nominate a project as well. Take a selfie with your baby and share it to Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to nominate your favorite community project, use #ultrahug and tag @huggies. After you've done this, just head over to the contest landing page and submit your entry. Pretty simple, right? 

About Huggies Snug&Dry Ultra

The older our babies get, it seems harder and harder to keep the leaks under control. Thanks to Snug&Dry Ultra diapers from Huggies, those worries are part of the past. No matter how much your baby runs around, the leaks will be contained. 

Available only at Wal-Mart, Snug&Dry diapers fit babies newborn to 35 pounds. They are the only diaper to contain a quilted liner, gap-free fit, leak lock system, and quick absorbing layers for up to 12 hours of protection. 

I just love the Disney designs- they actually make changing Kodabug easier. She looks at the characters while I get her ready for a new diaper- no trying to run away for her!

Head on over to Wal-Mart and look for this! 

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