Press Release: QRead App Assists Dyslexics and Challenged Readers To Break The Reading Code

New York, June 1 -- Parents of dyslexic children can only imagine the frustration experienced by youngsters who have trouble grasping the written word compared with faster learners in school. The Qread app by AppiDabbi teaches reading comprehension and language using a fun, sophisticated yet simple ‘Direct Method’ of reading that breaks down language into pictures and animation while also explaining the meaning behind each word.

Key to the success of the program with dyslexic children is the app’s ability to stimulate conversation between child and adult, stimulating language skills and reading ability within one framework. According to the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, all children can be taught to read. The Yale Center focuses on two components of the Qread program they list as central to teaching reading. First, the reader must understand that words are made up of smaller components that can be broken down for easier understanding. Second, children must apply their reading skills with repetitive practice reading stories. Qread stresses each of these objectives for students as both a supplement to school-directed learning or as a stand-alone program for adults or children with alternative educational plans.

Selected as one of the most promising early stage startups at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas, AppiDabbi principal Precila Birungik states “Qread benefits learners of language and reading comprehension at all levels and without regard to age.” The ability of the program to assist with challenged learners including dyslexics is a corollary benefit of the program we developed.”

Qread is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for around $4.99.

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