Press Release: All-Star Errands Launches

June 10, 2015
CONTACT PERSON: Tony Zamberlin (864) 332-9421;

Complete Errand Service Launches In Anderson, South Carolina

Anderson, SC – Everyone has those days that there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. We all have those errands that we would prefer to not do. That is where All-Star Errands in Anderson, SC steps in. All-Star Errands is set up with reliable employees that will run your errands; wait for packages/ repairmen; pick up your groceries; and even clean your house. Other services offered include business errands, such as delivering documents, banking, mailing services, and bill paying. Services for senior citizens, chores around the house, and errands are the other services All-Star Errands focuses on. Find it a hassle to drop off your dry-cleaning and pick it up again? All-Star Errands can handle that for you and deliver to your home or office. The same service is offered for flowers, mail and prescriptions. All-Star Errands can even wait for a delivery or repair/ serviceman at your home or office. Going on vacation? All-Star Errands can check on your home, flush toilets, pick up mail, and check the perimeter while you are away. Enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about your home. Fido need grooming, check-up, or shots? Get help with that from All-Star errands as well. No matter the errand or chore you have, All-Star Errands has a way to help you.

Tony Zamberlin, owner of All-Star Errands, is a veteran of the United States Army and Coast Guard. Tony has a desire to help other people and All-Star Errands is fulfilling that need. Having a love of driving, and knowing what it feels like to be overwhelmed by chores and errands, he knew that an errand service was needed. In 2015, Tony Founded All-Star Errands to fill his desire to help people and fill a need that was in the community.

The services they offer are highlighted on their website with the ability to create a custom service, simply by speaking with the owner. You can order an errand by phone call, email, or the order form on the website, and even pay by PayPal. There are pricing packages to fit any budget and need. All errands are set up by the hour, so no matter your errand, you are getting the best service for your dollar. Visit for more information.

For more information or to set up an interview contact owner Tony Zamberlin (864) 332-9421;


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