Hip Hip Hooray Woombie-a-Day Giveaway

June is Hip Dysplasia/Healthy Hips Awareness Month and using the right swaddle is crucial for healthy hip development in babies. With the Woombie, babies are securely swaddled without being totally restricted. The patented 4-way stretch fabric allows for baby to move naturally just like in the womb to prevent against hip dysplasia.   There is still a need to educate parents on what hip dysplasia is, what causes it and how to prevent, so to raise awareness, we are sponsoring a Hip Hip Hooray Woombie-a-Day Giveaway starting on June 11th and 20 winners will each receive a Woombie baby swaddle!

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Hip Hip Hooray’s aim is to provide a hub of information and support to parents/carers and their family members. We endeavour to create awareness about Hip Dysplasia and want to see parents educated about the risk factors and signs/symptoms of Hip Dysplasia. http://www.hiphiphoorayddh.org
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