Birthday Sale: Wednesday

Wow! Day 3, already! That means I'm just 2 days away from being 31 and on my way to 40.

Today's deal is really special. When you purchase my virtual assistant services before June 12th, you will not be charged the $150 start-up fee (that I usually charge for account set up, logo, extra services you may require).

Each of my virtual assistant packages are custom built for your needs. It is based on hours, but not strictly that way. Meaning, you may have a 10 hour a month package, but if it takes me 20 hours that month to do my job, then you do not pay more than your normal package. Pretty cool, huh?

To get started and see what I can do for you, email me at You can visit my site (that is being reconstructed) for additional information.

There are only a couple ad packages left, so if you are interested, hurry!

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