The Next Best Thing to a Hug

Hugs are given as a way to share a joyous moment, celebrate something wonderful and to offer comfort and encouragement. Sometimes, distance and circumstance prohibit you from being physically present to offer a hug. Sending a gift basket can be the next best thing to a hug. Once you discover a site such as, you'll have an immediate source to rely on for all of the times you want to brighten someone's day.

Care baskets

A gift basket is a great way to send caring thoughts to a college student, a friend who is going through a difficult time or when someone is saddened by the death of a pet, friend or family member.

Brighten someone's day

Gift baskets can be given to someone on special days such as their birthday, Mother's day, Grandparent's Day, Father's Day or a holiday. However, you might get the most pleasure out of sending a basket to someone on what would otherwise be an ordinary day. A generous act such as that is sure to brighten the recipient's day.


Never underestimate how deep a pet owner's love is for their pet. A pet basket or pet/owner basket is a gift that a pet owner would be delighted to receive.

When you can't be present to give someone a hug, send them a basket filled with special things that will make them smile. Nothing brightens a day quite like a basket full of delicious treats.

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